Are you into Military Surplus Pistols and Rifles?

First off, every collector has various military surplus weapons in their collection. By far the most common is the M1 Garand. But there are so many excellent pistols and rifles out there. The question is, where can you find the best weapons, at the best prices that are actually available. Well here is a listing of all known Military Surplus Suppliers. We have used all, and each one has great service and selection. Plus you will be surprised how reasonably prices these weapons are in order to own a piece of history. Some are actually never issued, and some are battle worn. You decide what would look best hanging in your gun room! 

 Aim Surplus: http://www.aimsurplus.com/default.aspx 

Allan's Armory: http://www.allans-armory.com/aa.php 

Buy Milsurp: http://www.buymilsurp.com/ 

CDNN Sports Inc: http://www.cdnninvestments.com/ 

Centerfire Systems: http://www.centerfiresystems.com/ 

Century Arms: http://centuryarms.com/ 

Classic Arms: http://classicarms.us/firearms.htm 

Cole Distributing: http://www.coledistributing.com/ 

Coleman's Military Surplus: http://www.colemans.com/index.php 

Cope's Distributing: http://copesdistributing.net/ 

Empire Arms: http://www.empirearms.com/ 

Gunny's Surplus: http://www.gunnyssurplus.com/index.html 

J&G Sales: http://www.jgsales.com/ 

 KY Imports Inc: http://www.kyimports.com/ 

Major Surplus and Survival: http://www.majorsurplusandsurvival.com/ 

Military Gun Supply: http://www.militarygunsupply.com/shop2/ 

Sarco: http://www.sarcoinc.com/ 

Southern Ohio Gun: http://www.southernohiogun.com/ 

Tapco: http://www.tapco.com/ 

The Armory: http://www.the-armory.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/index.html 

USGI: http://memweb.newsguy.com/~usgi2000/ 

Wideners: http://wideners.com/