How To Decide On A Firearm Purchase?

  Numerous new buyers are searching for self/home-defense firearms.

 Here’s a few tips to help you with your decision.

Ask yourself: What’s the purpose of this purchase?

For many new to shooting, this is a tremendous conflict and most have minimal to no firearm knowledge or experience. Therefore, it is imperative for a new gun owner to comprehend the laws and the handgun itself. The first recommended step is to enroll in a handgun class taught by local firearm professionals. These professionals will lower one’s fears and introduce the firearm in a manner which reduces stress and increases their understanding. Or locate an experienced personal firearm instructor. Your local firearms store might be able to recommend or even offer one-on-one training. Firearms training isn’t limited to shooting; in fact, more fundamentally, it addresses tactics to avoid possibly hazardous encounters, teaches home and outdoor defense strategies, and presents tremendously vital legal subjects and liabilities related with the use of deadly force. The taking of a life or wounding an assailant under any situation, transforms one’s life. Enrolling in a defense and shooting class is HIGHLY recommended and generally lasts about a day or over a weekend. This lowers angst of gun use, teach proper handling, and provide a comradery/comfort level with others in the same situation. 

  Home Gun Storage and Safety:

 Loaded guns should NEVER be accessible to children or young adults. Small locked boxes which can be simply accessed and opened (even in the dark) must be secured by combination or finger print scanners. Teaching children at an early age to respect firearms is vital.  Visit the NRA here or youth education and firearms to commence your search.    

Budget – New vs Used

When the subsequent decision is budget, there are handguns to accommodate all incomes.  A solid mean budget for novice buyers spans $400 - $800; this provides sufficient leeway for proper reliability, solid ergonomically design, and a manufacture  warranty backed firearm. New or used handgun?Expanding one’s search to include previously owned massively expands the options and the price point is often 25% to even 50% off retail. Nearly all top manufacturers offer warranties which cover the firearm, so if issues arise, there are simple remedies for sending in your gun for repair.  Research and speak with experienced shooters pertaining to type, caliber and model of handgun will often result in a myriad of responses. Remember factors like experience level; physical size, strength and of course hand size, all will dramatically impact which firearm best suits you. 

Additionally, learn about the concealed carry laws and home defense action items to keep your family safe.


  • Attending a gun Safety Class as a family
  • Select a reliable manufacturer and debate new vs. used.
  • Consider where and how you intend to store your firearm
  • Familiarize yourself with gun laws

Often popular is the .22 handgun, either a revolver or semi-automatic, an outstanding intro training firearm and adjusts for trigger control and sight alignment.