“From FFL to FFL", every time, NO exceptions.

Remember that phrase.  It tells you what you need to do to stay out of trouble with the gun transfer laws when buying firearms across state lines.  Federal firearms license (FFL) holders are the only persons who can legally handle gun sales across state lines.  This means that the individual/merchant/dealer you’re buying from must have an FFL, and that seller must, we repeat, must, ship the weapon directly to an FFL holder in your state. It’s then up to the buyer to go to the FFL holder in his/her state and take possession of the weapon.  Usually, the dealer will charge a handling fee for his or her part in the transaction.  Be sure to contact the FFL holder in your state to advise them you’d like to have the firearm shipped to their location.  By handling interstate transactions in this manner, you’ll be in full compliance with all federal laws.